People with disabilities are often unfairly disregarded in marketing and communications efforts. Whether people with disabilities are your primary audience or you want to do the right thing by ensuring your communications extend to all people, Suasion has the expertise to ensure your marketing is accessible.

Here’s how we can help.

Disability Website

Disability Tip Sheets and Brochures

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Test concepts and messaging with our disability advisory panel.

Because Suasion does so much work with the disability community, we have developed an advisory panel to act as an ongoing focus group and provide feedback on the materials we produce. The group includes people of different ages, occupations and disabilities to provide a broad cross-section of input.

Disability Testing Meeting

Plan and manage events that are truly accessible and enjoyed by all people.

While the ADA requires public venues to be “accessible,” this does not mean your event will be free of barriers for people with disabilities. There are many aspects of an event that may pose problems, or at least a discomfort for some people. Suasion can help make your event truly accessible and enjoyable for all who attend. We plan and manage the large and small variables such as appropriate microphones (not everyone can use a hand-held or podium microphone), room layout and seating arrangements (different spacing is needed for wheelchairs), use of sign language interpreters or CART services for individuals who are deaf, and even the availability of straws for individuals who cannot lift a glass to drink. Whether you are holding a press conference, a fundraising dinner or an open house, Suasion can help you with the myriad of details to ensure all people can participate.