Leadership Expertise

Your mission is our mission. In fact, Suasion was created to serve organizations just like yours. Learn how we’re uniquely designed to give you the tools to empower, inspire and energize the leadership team that delivers on your mission.


Learning how to be an effective leader within government is challenging, yet reaps nearly unmatched rewards. With nearly a decade of training experience working directly for governmental entities, Suasion’s team is uniquely qualified to help employees better understand and navigate complex systems. We’ll equip your staff with the tools to choose a better culture, working environment and belief that they are able to lead others toward achieving your mission.

Large Systems & Companies

Large systems and companies need processes, checklists and procedures to keep standards high and results growing. But, they also need energized, engaged and positive people who can effectively lead others to overarching success. Our leadership development programs give people the resources needed to find innovative solutions, navigate complex systems to create positive outcomes and reignite passion for the mission. Centered in our core foundation of serving others, we’ll ask, “Are you are green and growing, or ripe and rotting?”

Victim Services

With personal experience working within the victim services field, Suasion’s team understands the distinctive needs for leadership development and training for people who spend every day in crisis situations. Building on our core foundation in servant leadership, we help organizations understand how to give employees what they need while simultaneously ensuring the best care for victims. A few key benefits include:

Advocate Care:

  • Reduction in vicarious trauma
  • Burnout prevention
  • Strengthened emotional intelligence

Advocate Training:

  • Increase reasoning abilities during crisis
  • Distinguishing needs vs. wants
  • Effective communication

Nonprofit Organizations

Our team has been working with nonprofit organizations for more than 50 years, collectively. While some consulting firms find working with boards and committees frustrating, we understand the complexities of your situation and are inspired to help you find consensus. We have a knack for making everyone feel like they have input without losing sight of the primary goal. Together we’ll devise a plan to help you achieve your mission.


Women bring unique perspectives to their leadership roles in large companies, small businesses and nonprofit organizations every day. And, while being a woman leader presents unique challenges, our leadership development programs show you how to unpack its great rewards too. Our programs for women focus on enhancing assertiveness, confidence and character development, while reducing the reluctance for self-care. We also give participants mentors who have successfully navigated similar situations such as work-life balance and being progressively successful while raising a family.